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The Mankoadze Children’s Library

The Mankoadze Children’s Library was opened on 

December 20,2017. It is a 1,225 sqft space. The library with all its vibrant colors has a section for small children and a section for older children. It also has a story time space and a resource/storage room.


The library is a multipurpose children’s center in that it has a wide range of activities such as:

  •  Homework help

  •  Reading

  •  Story time

  •  Circle time

  •  Quiet play time

  •  Movie night (films that highlight different cultures) 

  •  Reading competitions

  •  Book reports

  •  Book discussions

  •  Monthly Birthday Celebrations

  •  Buddy reading (2 kids read a book together from start to finish)

  •  Teen library volunteer program (Teens helping with story time, homework, crafts and other small jobs)

  •  Hometown hero night

  •  Tell Me Your Story – Story time in Fante (Kids invite senior citizens, older members of the community to share childhood stories and tales from long ago)

  •  Build a book

  •  Poetry writing

  •  Make and take crafts (Free style drawing/writing)

  •  Book club

  •  Games, puzzles, toys, puppets etc for quiet play time


Mankoadze Children’s Library has a librarian and two assistants to help the children with reading. The library houses about 4,500 books.


This inaugural library book donations were received from generous donors including All Saints Catholic School in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and Riverfield Day Preparatory School

in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

All the new books were purchased by The Badoe Family Foundation

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