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We will work in collaboration with local authorities and the entire community – schools, parents and other non- profit organizations who have similar goals such as promoting reading and education. In close association with local authorities and communities in rural areas in Ghana we will establish a chain of libraries throughout the villages in Ghana 


Our goal is to build children’s libraries in Ghana, where kids can freely visit to read, learn to read and be involved in the programs and activities that the library has to offer. We will promote early learning opportunities for children


We aim:

  • to strive to create an atmosphere that will stimulate curiosity, reading, learning and critical thinking in children of all ages

  •  to provide a safe, interesting and inviting place through appropriate materials and programming for children to learn

  • to make books freely available to teachers, parents and librarians

  • to build libraries using local top quality materials and to give attention to function and beauty while being mindful of costs

  • to offer secondary school scholarships for qualifying students who have reached the required academic standards

  • to encourage whenever and wherever possible, the joy of reading, and to give the gift of reading to every child

  •  to provide music education through our Asaaba Music Workshop. This will promote advantages for the children such as success in society, success in school, success in developing intelligence, and success in life as a whole.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader 

-Margaret Fuller

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